Questions To Ask An Attorney Prior to Hiring (6 – 10)

Representing yourself in Virginia against Reckless Driving charges is not a good decision. Hiring an experienced Virginia Reckless Driving attorney is the best thing you can do for yourself, but finding the right attorney means asking some important questions first.
If you haven’t read my first 5 tips for hiring a Virginia reckless driving attorney, you can view them on my blog.

#6 – You want to ask your potential Virginia reckless driving attorney is how many cases he or she has taken to trial. This question is crucial. If your attorney is not prepared to go to trial, or has not taken a significant amount of Reckless Driving cases to trial, they will not have the know-how to question the right evidence on your behalf or negotiate a fair plea bargain.

#7 – Ask your lawyer if he or she has ever been disciplined by the State Bar.
One person you do not want to go to bat for you at trial is a lawyer with an unfavorable history of discipline.
# 8 – Ask your potential attorney for a general estimation of legal costs to include investigators, experts, and all other costs. While you will not get a specific amount, your lawyer should be able to give a general cost. You must make sure you are not getting drawn in with improbable promises and fees.

# 9 – Ask your potential attorney what challenges will likely present themselves in your case
. Not only should your attorney be able to answer this, he or she should also be able to tell you what the challenges would mean for your case.
# 10 – Ask your potential attorney what will be the final outcome of your case. If your potential attorney promises you a specific result, you should turn around. An experienced Virginia Reckless Driving attorney knows there is no way to predict how any given case will turn out. The best answer you can hear is that your potential attorney will give you his or her best possible defense.
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Bob Battle “wrote the book” on DUI and Reckless Driving Law in Virginia. Bob has written a controversial free Consumer Guide to help those charged with DUI and DWI in Virginia to receive the critical information they will need to hire the right lawyer to defend them at trial. Bob Battle's consumer guide about Virginia's harsh Reckless Driving Speeding laws has been featured by local and national media. Read this book and see why the Baltimore Sun has said that Bob Battle is a lawyer "who specializes in getting out-of-staters off the hook for reckless driving" and why CBS-TV's Mark Holmberg raves, "Bob Battle wrote the book on Reckless Driving in Virginia!"

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