Speed Traps Are Legal In Virginia

Virginia takes their reckless driving and speeding laws very seriously. Virginia also imposes serious penalties to speeding tickets, especially once drivers go above 80 mph, which constitutes “reckless driving” in the state of Virginia. With this being said, Virginia’s law enforcement actively seeks out speeders using speed traps in key areas of the state.

Virginia’s efforts to catch speeders are not only limited to Virginia residents. Given the location of the most “productive” speed traps, it is very apparent that motorists from out-of-state are often victims of these speed traps as well. This is why it is so important to an experienced Virginia traffic attorney if you have received a speeding ticket or reckless driving charge in a Virginia speed trap.
Virginia law enforcement does not hide that they use speed traps to catch motorists who are traveling above the speed limit. Virginia seems to be in a perpetual crackdown against speeding, aggressive driving, and drunk driving. Of course there are parts of Virginia more apt to contain speed traps.
There are also parts of Virginia that we know almost always contain speed traps such as the following interstate highways around Richmond:
• I-95;
• I-64; and
• I-85.

You can count on the above listed highways being manned by law enforcement 24 hours a day. Any proof needed as to the extent of Virginia’s use of speed traps can be found in their courts. The following courts’ dockets are usually overflowing with traffic cases:
• City of Richmond;
• Henrico;
• Chesterfield;
• Hanover;
• Caroline; and
• New Kent Counties.

Virginia reckless driving/speeding lawyer, Bob Battle, understands the serious and unfair consequences that a conviction could have on both Virginia licensed motorists and out-of-state motorists caught in one of Virginia’s “Yankee speed traps” as they drive through the state for business or vacation.
If you have been ticketed for reckless driving/speeding in Virginia, there is no time to waste! Get a free copy of Bob Battle’s consumer guide, The Shocking Truth About Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia. Or, contact 804-673-5600 to schedule your legal consultation today.

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