Top Questions To Ask An Attorney Prior to Hiring (1 -5)

The first thing to understand when charged with Reckless Driving in Virginia is you should not represent yourself. Once you have decided you need to hire an experienced Virginia Reckless Driving attorney, the next stop is finding the appropriate attorney for your case. When interviewing your potential attorney, you must ask questions.

# 1 – The first question you should ask is how long the attorney has been in practice and what they have been doing.
Being in practice for 20 years is impressive but not helpful if those 20 years have been spent not practicing Virginia traffic law. Some attorneys work traffic cases simply to boost their firm’s income. This does not mean they do it well.
# 2 – Ask how much experience the attorney has specifically representing people charged with Reckless Driving/Speeding. An attorney practicing traffic law is worthless to you if they have never handled a Reckless Driving case.

# 3 – Most importantly, ask who will be handling your case and ask about their qualifications.
In the larger firms, the person you’re talking to may not be the one handling your case or the one representing you at trial. Firms using the “team approach” to cases usually feel at least one of the people on the “team” is inexperienced. You are within your rights to ask why the person representing you at trial requires assistance.
# 4 – Ask the attorney about his or her legal ability and ethics ratings. The Martindale-Hubbell Legal Ability ratings consider the lawyers standard of professional ability according to:
• The area where the lawyer practices;
• The lawyer’s expertise; and
• Other professional qualifications.
A lawyer bestowed with an AV rating has attained the very height of professional excellence. If a lawyer is “AV Rated,” that lawyer will make it very known.

# 5 – Ask the lawyer if he or she is a former prosecutor.
If a firm advertises they will make a prosecutor available, you ask if that prosecutor will be representing you at trial. Also make a point to ask where the lawyer was a prosecutor – not all prosecutorial jobs are created equal.
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